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Productivity Utilities
Developer: Tom Stankey
0.99 USD

The Situation:
I start iTunes® automatically when I boot my Mac® and I use a three terabyte external disk to store my iTunes® library. The trouble is the external disk hasn’t yet mounted when iTunes® runs. This results in an error message and iTunes® not finding my library.

The Solution:
With DeltaLaunch, I can program a delay that allows my external disk to mount before iTunes® is started. Once the time delay has expired, DeltaLaunch starts iTunes® and all is well! The delay turns out to be 45 seconds in my case

Add DeltaLaunch to your automatically started Login Items and it can be configured to start any application after a delay that you specify. You change settings by clicking on the “info” button before the current delay timer has expired. Doing this allows you to configure DeltaLaunch as you like.

Here’s a brief list of DeltaLaunch’s features.
•Launches an application of your choice after a predetermined time delay
•The application to launch can be selected by using the Browse button from the DeltaLaunch information screen.
•The time delay is settable by the user (10 seconds minimum).
•An argument list can be supplied to the application when it’s run.
•A salutation can be specified describing what DeltaLaunch will do after the time delay.
•A “Test” button allows you to observe the action of your delayed command without rebooting.
•Multiple copies of DeltaLaunch can be used to delay the launching of more than one application.
•DeltaLaunch can always be directly executed by clicking on “Applications” and selecting the DeltaLaunch icon.